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    Boosting eCommerce

    The eCommerce App can be used as an add-on to your hotel’s solution or it may be used as a stand alone, for instance on the website of a Wellness Center or a SPA. The [...]
  • Main Apps

    Glorious Websites

    A hotel website is a very specific piece of engineering, totally different from the ones used by retail shops, service companies like banks or insurances, e-commerce portals, online magazines or social media. Reason for this [...]
  • Main Apps

    Powerful Channel Manager

    The Channel Manager App of Booking Machine is a powerful tool for distribution over the OTA, GDS and meta-search environments. All online markets are covered and the hotel benefits in a number of ways, as [...]
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    Amazing Booking Engine

    Are all booking engines the same? The answer to this should be: are all hotels the same? Obviously “No”! Booking Machine booking engine is a specialized software that can be added to any website. Like every [...]
Booking Machine V7

Booking Machine V7 Announcement

by Paolo in BM Suite

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest product, Booking Machine V7, the most powerful standalone booking engine on the market for resorts, thermal spas, all-inclusive holiday villages and any other accommodation provider where [...]


Main Apps

Booking Machine V7

Best performing standalone booking engine for resorts, thermal & SPA hotels, all-inclusive villages. Version 7.01 of Booking Machine is the result of 7 years of development coupled with the latest coding technologies and best programming […]

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