Booking Machine Suite

The 4 pillars of distribution

Booking Machine Suite is a set of integrated Apps that puts every hotelier in condition to sell online his available rooms.

The full suite enables a hotel to manage:

  1. the hotel’s website and its connection with social media
  2. availability and prices on the OTA, the GDS and the metasearch
  3. real time payments
  4. sales opportunities

The suite is composed of:

  • Booking Engine
    • Can go on any website
    • Special features for lesure and SPA hotels
  • Channel Manager
    • 500 channels: OTA, meta, Google
    • Competitor rates
  • Website
    • Any template you wish
    • Powerful landing page builder for online campaigns
  • eCommerce
    • Standalone or integrated with hotel
    • Online sales of products, gift cards, entrance tickets

On top of this you can also add the following great modules:

  • Payments
    • Collect client reservation deposits and prepayments on your bank account directly from the website
    • Online POS, PayPal
  • Reviews
    • Create your own surveys and stimulate reviews
    • See your business from the customer’s point of view
  • Connect
    • Get availability directly from your PMS
    • download bookings on your planning
  • Data Mining
    • Google and Facebook data automatically downloaded in the back office
    • Reservation analysis and PMS revenue data (if connected to PMS)


The distribution cycle

The Booking Machine Suite follows each step of your distribution cycle, providing you with the means, the intelligence and the possibility to implement a full medium and long term growth policy through proper online marketing and sales.

The distribution cycle


This cycle is managed in every step by the following Apps and modules:

Get Reservation and payment: Booking engine + online payment gateway + website OR eCommerce

Manage customer: Booking engine back office, reservations chart and Actions (send emails, set alerts, options)

Manage reviews: Reviews add-on module

Identify opportunities: Booking engine and Channel Manager Apps, Connect module

Advertise and promote: Website, booking engine



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