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A hotel website is a very specific piece of engineering, totally different from the ones used by retail shops, service companies like banks or insurances, e-commerce portals, online magazines or social media. Reason for this is that hotels have customers of many different types, speaking a number of different languages, with different needs and with different expediencies.

You simply cannot deliver the same information to a businessman coming in town for a convention and a family with small kids planning to visit theme parks, even if they both use the same hotel.

In the same way, you cannot expect to be successful with a generalist website, incapable of engaging every specific type of customer you wish to have.

Finally, not every webmaster has the skills, technology and industry understanding to be able to build proper hotel websites.


Why is Booking Machine Suite different


Booking Machine Suite has been developed by hoteliers. We know the business well, we know how to respond to market challenges, we know how to put your property under the best light.

Booking Machine Suite brings customers on a path that leads to conversion, providing the right information at every step of travel planning.

Booking Machine Suite can use any graphical template, including the one that your preferred web artist made especially for you.

Booking Machine is SEO ready, therefore your pages will have super quick indexation.


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