Resort and Wellness distribution made simple

Booking Machine 8

Booking Machine 8 is the best performing standalone booking engine for resorts, thermal & SPA hotels, and all-inclusive villages.

Booking Machine release 8 is the result of 9 years of development coupled with the latest coding technologies and best programming practices. This release comes after 6 months of UI/UX analysis (User Interface / User Experience) to create a product capable of showing complex rate plans on a telephone and making a reservation with simple taps and swipes.

Booking Machine is a suite of tools, specifically built for holiday resorts and thermal & SPA hotels. These properties derive most of their revenue from a mix of non-room services. To properly sell such services we built into the system very advanced packaging features coupled with the highest flexibility in rate plans, policies and selling conditions to enable the hotel to always have its best offerings on its own website.

Booking Machine uses a channel manager to deliver rates and availabilities to third-party vendors such as the GDS and the OTA. Specific rate plans can be built for each one of these vendors, including rules that break the parity rate if needed by the hotel’s sales strategy.

Booking Machine is built for mobile devices. After years of desktop supremacy now we cater for an almost exclusively mobile market. The challenge is to convey complex rate schemes in a simple way, encouraging direct sales while optimizing revenue and the usage of all the hotel’s ancillary services.