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Skal Italia, a community building website

Skal International Italia is a non-profit organization belonging to Skal International, the oldest and largest worldwide organization for tourism professionals.

The issue was how to build a website that could be instrumental in consolidating the Skal International community in Italy.

The Skal International Italy’s website is a prototype and a testing benchmark. The idea is to make this website become an information and news aggregator, with content coming from local clubs on the territory.

Here are the required functionalities and how needs are met.

  1. Security:
    1. Industry standard firewall blocking an average of 10 hacking attempts a day)
    2. Strong passwords policy
    3. Different access permissions (Super administrator, technical administrators, editors, members)
  2. Independence from display:
    1. Fully responsive graphic template
    2. Application of best editorial practices and standards (i.e.: resizing and composition of images, selection of fonts, length of text, …)
  3. Usability:
    1. Training of back-end admins and editors
    2. Categorization and tagging policy
    3. Best SEO practices and SEO measurement tools within post composition panel
    4. Advanced caching for speed and good user experience
  4. Integrations:
    1. Social media automatic and scheduled posting
    2. Content import/export towards other WordPress installations
    3. RSS and Atom feed readers and generators
    4. Direct emailing systems (i.e.: Mailchimp, etc.)
    5. Online payments (PayPal, other online credit card payment systems)
    6. E-commerce cart (membership fees, small merchandising)
  5. Measurement systems:
    1. Google analytics
    2. Google, Bing and Yandex Search Console
    3. Facebook insight
    4. SEO Rating (i.e.: Yoast SEO, Total SEO, …)
  6. Membership administration:
    1. Specialized paid membership software
    2. Mailchimp integration

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