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Online Payments Add on

Booking Machine comes configured with PayPal.

If you wish to use an online POS, provided by your bank, then you can connect it to the booking engine through this App.

We connect to most major online POS systems.  If yours is not one within the list… then we will connect it!

Once connected the online POS will be seamless within the reservation or e-commerce transaction process.

Customers willing to confirm a reservation or buying a service through the online shop will be taken to a page like this:

online payment

Each payment is according to whatever policy you have within your hotel or SPA.

Each payment is tracked within the Booking Machine back office.

Failed payments will take the customer to a page where he may try again the online transaction with the POS or choose alternate forms of payment (if any).

In any case, you will never be responsible for credit card data as it will be handled by your bank only.

You will only receive the money on your account!







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