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Hotel Terme Millepini

Millepini Hotel Terme & Y-40 adopts Booking Machine V7.

Millepini Hotel Terme & Y-40 is a 100 room 4-star hotel located in Montegrotto Terme, a well known thermal resort area 20 km west of Venice.

Millepini Hotel Terme & Y-40 has a 3 hectares private park, where nature surrounds the thermal pools and the hotel, in a comfortable and quiet atmosphere; a beneficial oasis of peace that suits a stay of relaxing and wellness.

Y-40 is located next to the hotel. Built in 2014, it is the world deepest pool. It has a 21×18 m surface and a maximum depth of 40 m, with different intermediate platforms and caves for technical activities. The pool contains 4300 cubic meters of thermal water, which is kept at a constant temperature of 32-34°C so that it is possible to dive and swim without a diving suit.

Website: Millepini Hotel Terme


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