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Un motore di prenotazione sorprendente

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Amazing Booking Engine

Are all booking engines the same?

The answer to this should be: are all hotels the same? Obviously “No”!

Booking Machine booking engine is a specialized software that can be added to any website.

Like every other booking engine, it’s capable to show your availability and rates.

However, if you are a leisure hotel, wellness hotel, resort, all-inclusive village then you have many more services to sell on top of the room and the breakfast.  You will want the possibility to offer family plans, be capable to distinguish between children, teenagers and infants, provide meal plans, have multiple payment options…

On top of this, you may wish to offer special deals, packages, extra services because this is where your hotel makes the profit.

Hotel Systems Light booking engine delivers all this and much more.

Unique features

  • Prices per room or per person
  • Up to three levels of children
  • Minimum stay, fixed arrival dates
  • Unlimited rate plans
  • Unlimited extra services
  • Unlimited deposit and prepayment policies
  • Online payment module (PayPal, online MOTO POS)
  • Unlimited packages with fixed arrival dates
  • Unlimited dynamic special offers

And, like most other booking engines…

Of course, it will adapt to any screen, from wide desktops to small mobile devices…

Of course, it’s multilingual…

Of course, it supports currency conversion…

Of course, it will send emails to all concerned parties…

Check out how some of our customers set up their Hotel Systems Light booking engine!



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